Austin beginner LESSONS

GROUND School $80


This is the first stage of the game. This one hour course will get the student hands on with a two line kite and teach them the fundementals of Kiteboarding.

This on land class covers setting up, tuning, line management, kite safety and control of the wind window, rider responsibility, and flying techniques. "Once you can masterfully accomplish this then getting up on the water is the easy part!".

what we offer


  • We supply all the equipment needed during the lesson
  • Our certified instructors have over 16 years of Kiteboarding experience
  • Now offering lessons in Austin

Kiteboarding lessons Austin

WATER SCHOOL $110.00 Hour



Let the body dragging begin and the fun! Once you are this far you are in there. This half of the lesson puts the student hands-on in the water. With our Austin Water School we use a support boat for our lake lessons. We conduct our lessons on Lake Travis.

The advantage of having boat support is we are able to pick the rider up and avoid the walk back up wind. This also allows access the best wind on the lake. With the combination of boat support and skilled instruction the beginner rider quickly advances to their next level..


This portion covers relaunching the kite from the water, body drags, water starts on to the board, self rescue and basic riding. Get out on the lake and kite with us!





-Chris G., Fall 2011
"I thought the lesson was very comprehensive and the instructor did an excellent job of assesing my needs. I really enjoyed the lesson. I had taken lessons in the past and wanted to work forward from where my skill level was. The instructor was able to easily evaluate my skill level and help me progress. I look forward to future lessons."


-Susan T., Summer 2015
"I can't believe I got to experience this in Austin! I thought I could only do this on the ocean, and can't wait to get back out on the lake to do it again. Thank you Jamie and Third Coast Kitesurfing for such a great day. "

Kiteboarding Lessons Austin

Once the student is up and riding boat support allows riding with constant instruction. This enables the student to accelerate their skill level drastically in a short amount of time.


Austin Kiteboarding Lessons